Can someone please help me out with this bug??

I got the souce making the function call scf_instance_add_pg at: 
usr/src/cmd/init/init.c: line 3379

and also the function definition of scf_instance_add_pg at 
usr/src/lib/libscf/common/lowlevel.c: line 2695 
This returns a value(probably an error value) using the function call ( 
datael_add_pg ) whose definition is at: usr/src/lib/libscf/common/lowlevel.c: 
line 1907

I was trying to link 'em all but was not able to figure out how the process in 
the init.c goes :(

PS: I am still awaiting a sponsor for this bug

Thanks & Regards,
Avinash Joshi
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