Ceri Davies writes:
> > -   cmd = parsecmd(*argv++);
> > +   if (fopen(*(argv+1)){
> Finally, this check should take place during argument parsing in main().

More comments:

  - Why "*(argv+1)"?  What's wrong with the equivalent but clearer

  - Won't this change -- if it could be made to compile -- just dump
    core?  The previous code dereferenced argv *first*, and *then*
    incremented the pointer.  You've changed that to skip over the
    first argument, and then (with the "+1") dereference the second,
    and to leave argv still pointing at the first argument.

  - The return value from fopen is discarded after being checked
    (implicitly against NULL).  Besides the usual ON rule that
    pointers aren't booleans and shouldn't be tested that way, this
    call leaks the file handle returned by fopen.  Are you sure you
    wanted to open the file at all?

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