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  This bug is already being requested by another contributor.
  See #70 on http://opensolaris.org/os/bug_reports/request_sponsor/


On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 11:50 -0000, Abhilash wrote:

} Me Abhilash T.g and Arjun Asok have a fix for the bug  6604652. We are the 
students of amrita university.
}Abhilash oso183
}Arjun oso211
}the synopsis is 
}See the following log:
}bash-3.00# mount installtest:/export /mnt
}bash-3.00# share /mnt
}NFS: Cannot share filesystems in non-global zones: /mnt
}Could not share: /mnt: operation not supported
}bash-3.00# zonename
}The "non-global zone" error message was incorrect. The correct one
}should be something like "Cannot share remote filesystem: /mnt".
}This seems to be caused by a copy-and-paste typo in the following
}code in nfs_enable_share():
}        case EREMOTE:
}                (void) printf(dgettext(TEXT_DOMAIN,
}                    "NFS: Cannot share filesystems "
}                    "in non-global zones: %s\n"), path);
}               err = SA_NOT_SUPPORTED;
}                break;
}We are attaching the diff file

Sun Microsystems - India Engineering Centre
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