Ceri Davies writes:
> It occurs to me that I've been reviewing patches posted here where it
> might not actually be welcome.  Tell me to shut up if necessary,
> although I'm concerned that this review should happen and preferably in
> good time after a submission is posted (rather than after the
> potentially long wait for a sponsor to come forward).

I'd much rather see request-sponsor used just for requesting a
sponsor and not for submitting patches or for reviews.

Yes, all changes need thorough review, and comments should always be
welcome, but this just isn't the right forum for it.  Not everyone who
should be looking at the proposed changes (or the review comments
themselves) is actually on this list.

Seeing those submitters go to the relevant community or project
mailing list with a proposed patch (or better yet a pointer to a
webrev) would be greatly preferred, and if we can gently guide them
there when they mistakenly post changes here, that'd be good.

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