Have a look at usr/src/tools/README.tools

After building the tools, go the the top of your workspace (I don't 
think it will work on cr.opensolaris.org/~avinashj you'll have to do it 
locally) and run 'ws' to set the environment.
Then run wx webrev. However, for it to work, you'll have to properly 
checkout the files you want to edit with
wx edit <files to edit>

You can ask me further questions off the list if you need so.


Avinash Joshi wrote:
> But how do we do a webrev?
> I got the workspace at cr.opensolaris.org/~avinashj
> Thanks & regards,
> Avinash Joshi
> On 1/31/08, Frank.Hofmann at sun.com <Frank.Hofmann at sun.com> wrote:
>> On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Antonello Cruz wrote:
>>> James Carlson wrote:
>>>> Seeing those submitters go to the relevant community or project
>>>> mailing list with a proposed patch (or better yet a pointer to a
>>>> webrev) would be greatly preferred, and if we can gently guide them
>>>> there when they mistakenly post changes here, that'd be good.
>>> Quick question: Do the contributors have access to the tools to generate
>>> webrevs?
>> If you've got a full opensolaris source tree, you'll find it in:
>>      usr/src/tools/scripts/webrev.sh
>> FrankH.
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