Antonello Cruz writes:
> After building the tools, go the the top of your workspace (I don't 
> think it will work on you'll have to do it 
> locally) and run 'ws' to set the environment.
> Then run wx webrev. However, for it to work, you'll have to properly 
> checkout the files you want to edit with
> wx edit <files to edit>

"wx edit" seems fairly unlikely for an external (non-SWAN) user who
doesn't have teamware access.

Instead, you'll want to pull the hg-enabled tools from the SCM
Migration web site:

(Look for "downloads" on that page.)

Those packages will install the necessary tools in /opt/onbld.  You
can then run "hgsetup" to set up your $HOME/.hgrc file to work with
the tools, and "webrev" will work as expected.  When you're ready for
review, just "scp -r" that webrev directory out to some web site (such

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