James Carlson wrote:
> Ceri Davies writes:
>> It occurs to me that I've been reviewing patches posted here where it
>> might not actually be welcome.  Tell me to shut up if necessary,
>> although I'm concerned that this review should happen and preferably in
>> good time after a submission is posted (rather than after the
>> potentially long wait for a sponsor to come forward).
> I'd much rather see request-sponsor used just for requesting a
> sponsor and not for submitting patches or for reviews.
> Yes, all changes need thorough review, and comments should always be
> welcome, but this just isn't the right forum for it.  Not everyone who
> should be looking at the proposed changes (or the review comments
> themselves) is actually on this list.
> Seeing those submitters go to the relevant community or project
> mailing list with a proposed patch (or better yet a pointer to a
> webrev) would be greatly preferred, and if we can gently guide them
> there when they mistakenly post changes here, that'd be good.

I agree that contributers should not be submitting patches before they 
get a sponsor.
And I strongly agree that the patches should not be submitted before 
they are
compiled or run through 'wx nits' or 'wx pbchk'.

But, I'd like a forum for people to suggest patches, ask for reviews, 
etc. Instead of
the exchanges being scattered over different communities (how does a 
even know the relevant communities/discussions), a centralized resource 
would make it
easy for the contributers to get started.

I want people new to the process to be able to read over other people's 
trials, and tribulations.

I know that is what the sponsor is supposed to do, but face it, we have 
more requests
for contribution than the sponsors have time.

Perhaps we point them to OpenSolaris: code? And modify this to reflect that:

        OpenSolaris: request-sponsor

Use this list to request and obtain a sponsor for your contributions. 
Once you have sponsor, please use a separate, community-specific alias 
if appropriate, or 1:1 e-mail with your sponsor, for contribution details.

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