Tom Haynes writes:
> But, I'd like a forum for people to suggest patches, ask for reviews, 
> etc.

The best place to do that is in a relevant community or project.
That's where the expertise in that technical area is gathered.

> Instead of
> the exchanges being scattered over different communities (how does a 
> submitter
> even know the relevant communities/discussions),

A visit to and looking at the community and
project descriptions might help.

If it doesn't, and the submitter don't even know what the code does or
what technical area it represents, then maybe a trip to the
opensolaris-code list first might be good.

Private email to the sponsor can also help.  Just ask, "so, what group
would you recommend that I consult about this change?"  I think the
sponsor is supposed to be a general resource and not just a person who
can type "putback."

> I want people new to the process to be able to read over other people's 
> questions,
> trials, and tribulations.

Yep, I understand.  And I think opensolaris-code is probably a more
appropriate area to do that sort of thing.  But once contributors get
_serious_ about doing development work, they really ought to be doing
it in the context of a community group or project that can provide
detailed technical guidance.

I think the OpenSolaris project is just too darned big to have a
single mailing list with "every" expert available.

> I know that is what the sponsor is supposed to do, but face it, we have 
> more requests
> for contribution than the sponsors have time.

Indeed; we're in a rough (though someone enviable) spot at the moment.

> Perhaps we point them to OpenSolaris: code? And modify this to reflect that:
>         OpenSolaris: request-sponsor
>         <>
> Use this list to request and obtain a sponsor for your contributions. 
> Once you have sponsor, please use a separate, community-specific alias 
> if appropriate, or 1:1 e-mail with your sponsor, for contribution details.

That sounds like a great idea.

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