I want to request a sponsor for the project of integration of convmv utility
into SFW. I believe I can manage it for the following OpenSolaris release.
I'm in contact with the author and compiled the program already and it works

I don't know how the process of contributing works, but I discovered I

1. RFE - http://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=5776 - already
2. RFS - now I'm requesting :)
3. Sign some contribution paper and send it somewhere - signed, scanned and
just sent by e-mail

4. Fill some kind of "Onepager" document explaining the project I'm working
on, but where to get it?

But that's all I know. Could you please help me with making this whole
administration process clear for me?

Thanks a lot, regards, Michal Penka

Michal Penka
Bychory 168
Kolin, 280 00
tel: 776 206 367
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