Michal P?nka writes:
> 4. Fill some kind of "Onepager" document explaining the project I'm working
> on, but where to get it?

The "one-pager" form is here:


But you almost certainly don't want that.  Assuming that this is a
fairly trivial utility (and it looks like it is), all you'll need is a
fast-track request, and that just requires some simple (hopefully
*short*) descriptive material.

There's a brief introduction to the process here:


And the short answer is to find an ARC member or intern that you know
and ask privately for help with your fast-track.  (I can probably do
that if you want, but I think the best candidate in this particular
case would be ienup.sung at sun.com -- a PSARC intern with lots of i18n

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