Nils Goroll wrote:
> Do I need to request a sponsor for bugzilla bugs or is anyone monitoring
> all bugzilla bugs? Sorry, have posted a "legacy bug" with identical content.
> webrev with fix is ready for review - who is going to ask for review for this
> one?

Which bug tracking system is used doesn't really matter in the question of
whether or not you need a sponsor.

You need a sponsor for any change you want to proactively request be integrated
into a OpenSolaris gate that you don't have commit access to.   If you just want
to wait and see if someone has time to pick up the bug someday, then you don't
need a sponsor, but you may not see your change integrated for years, if ever.

(This is a big difference between OpenSolaris process and many other open source
 projects - our process assumes everyone wants to become a committer and to do
 the work of testing/reviewing/integrating, and doesn't have a good fit for
 those who want to just toss a patch at the existing committers for them to

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