Hi Bonnie,

Jon is the sponsor for this case, my guess is that it needs to be moved 
to suspended list but I'd need to have Jon to confirm that.


Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> Hi Ebru,
> So I assume this should be moved to the 'suspended' list?  Or is the 
> bug going to be 'closed'?  And I assume the contributor knows this is 
> going to happen?
> Thanks.
> Bonnie
> On 08/26/08 06:57 PM, Ebru Williams wrote:
>> 6431132:  legacy yacc code cannot be maintained or understood
>> Update from the sponsor of this bug indicates that this request is 
>> dead.  The contributor has no access to a Solaris system the code, 
>> what he contributed does not match the bug and the whole thing was 
>> massively unclean.  Please remove this bug from the sponsorship list.
>> Thanks,
>> Ebru
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