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> On Thu 06 Sep 2007 at 09:16PM, madhav chauhan wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I came across this bug while browsing through the bug database. I am
>>   working on this bug .I have already signed the Sun Contributor
>>   Agreement and my SCA number is OS0106.
>>   Please let me know the procedure for working on this.
> Madhav,
> For some reason I remember Roger objecting to strdup() on principal,
> but I don't exactly remember why ... although that was 6 or 7 years ago.
> I have CC'd him.  Admittedly, since then we've seen a bunch of new code
> which defines its own version of strdup.  I'm going to move some stuff
> from the "comments" part of that bug report into the "description"...
> it should show up there in about 24 hours, and might help you.
> The other interesting question would be whether this should be placed
> into the DDI (i.e. strdup(9f) as a peer to strcpy(9f)), although I
> suppose that could be done later.
> You'll also want to ensure that you have some consumers for this
> functionality-- the obvious thing would be to rip out the various
> other strdup's which exist.

   The obvious question is-- how does one specify whether KM_SLEEP/KM_NOSLEEP 
is used for the underlying allocation (for kernel applications).


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