Hi Roland,
As long as the ksh93 versions of the alias, bg, cd, command, fc, fg,
getopts, hash, jobs, kill, read, test, type, ulimit, umask, unalias,
and wait built-ins treat all of the options recognized by these ksh
built-ins the same way as the current ksh built-ins; I would think this
would be a simple fast-track since existing scripts will not be
affected by the change.  The real work will be updating the man pages
for the shells and the man pages for these builtins for the built-ins
to document the new options added and make clear which versions of
those built-ins support the new options.

When you and your sponsor have the ARC materials and updated man pages
ready, I'll be happy to sponsor your fast-track if you want me to.

 - Don

>Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 03:06:45 +0200
>From: Roland Mainz <roland.mainz at nrubsig.org>
>This is a sponsor request to fix CR #6599668 ("RFE: Move consumers of
>alias.sh over to ksh93"). The change should be more or less
>straightforward and remove another chunk of items from the closed-bin
>My contributor ID is "OS0025".
>Don: What needs to be done from an ARC point of view in this case ?
>Existing /usr/bin/ksh scripts won't be affected (since they use the ksh
>shell builtins anyway), leaving only external applications which use the
>full paths to the consumers of "alias.sh" as possible "victims" of such
>a case, e.g. /usr/bin/test (which would get new options and sub-second
>timestamp support) and /usr/bin/kill (which would get the new "-n"

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