I would like to request either sponsorship or people to perform tasks related 
to the report of the extraordinary victimization imposed upon a fully honest, 
reliable, bright, attractive, satisfied, happy, beautiful, still relatively 
young, achiever, excellent professional, woman.
  Basically, Brazilian people from Rio de Janeiro (worst place in the World for 
issues relating Human Rights and rights in general) have put their hands on 
illegal and generically unknown device of intrusion (not via surgery) which 
allows life parasitism, body parasitism, torture, brain washing, slavery, over 
someone, and have applied in this woman's body because she was the brightest 
ever, but completely despised Brazilians, being already free from the so 
repulsive and dishonest, coward and chauvinist, dishonored and parasite, 
worthless and unethical, inhuman and cold, Brazilians, since 2000, after making 
her way to Australia, Country of her dreams and choice for the years that 
followed. Unfortunately, her recovery from 29 years of horror and disrespect, 
continuous aggression and violence, continuous victimization, obstruction of 
life and happiness, in the so repulsive and coward Brazil, was interrupted for 
more victimization, this time leading to her whole life theft, her
 own brains and body invasion, intrusion, imposed deterioration, 24 hour group 
parasitism and continuous aggression/violence. Her brains were modified since 
first year of crimes (2004), reaching the absurdity of these so 
envious/jealous/criminal/inhuman/dishonest people having extirpated her 
sexuality in 2005. Several repulsive old people, of the sort that nobody really 
wants alive, not even their children, have decided that this 32 year old, 
totally happy and bright woman, with rights to freedom guaranteed by the 
Brazilian constitution and the Australian laws, did not have the rights to 
happiness and enjoyment of her own achievements in the World.
  To make it all worse, they also decided she did not have the rights to her 
own body or even her dreams: this woman was disturbed in each night of her life 
since 2002 in a progressive and continuous basis by these psychopaths.
  they have lived at the expense of her thoughts, insights, ideas, dreams, 
objectives, moves imposed upon her criminally by them.
  These monsters stole the life of a 32 year old woman who had never made  
asingle aggression ntowards the rights of anyone else. Rather the opposite, 
this woman could nto be more honest, more polite, more respectful towards 
people she detested and hated with all her powers, than she was her whole life 
towards the absolutely repulsive (to her) Brazilian people.
  This all happened, to make it all worse, as she helped the Country she has 
nothing in common with, hates completely since birth, with extraordinary ideas 
which lead to several improvements to a Country she fully despises!!! Ideas 
given for free...when the Country did nothing, their whole lives, to help her 
achieving anything in this World, a Country which only disrespected, destroyed, 
obstructed, her every possible dream, since birth.
  Brazil does not have a single person she loves or likes and those people had 
the courage of stealing the rest of her life via slavery and hideous joint 
crimes in massacre, not to give her a single way out (because she detested 
them, and would always say no to their horrendous, absolutely repulsive 
company, they then decided, in their infinite psychopathy, that they would 
`slave' her).
  On the top of their obsession and full psychopathy lied the belief that they 
would be able to inherit a monetary sum, supposed to be extraordinary, offered 
for the solution of the Sorites paradox...
  She is dying for long because of their crimes, she oculd never miss a single 
extra second with worthless people, parasites, aggressors, violators, 
...criminals in general, people she fully despised and detested since first 
second in the World.
  Not happy with 29 ys victimizing her life and body (entirely), the horrendous 
Country of prostitutes, assassins, free loaders, parasites, have practiced 
every possible unethical research in the World at the expense of her infinitely 
exclusive property, never ever offered to anyone else. She has been protesting, 
24 hours a day, whilst energy is still in her, but for the so repulsive 
Country, there was never justice still in time to save lives, only after the 
life is already fully artificially destroyed.
  Imagine that the absolutely repulsive people (to her), fully detested and 
despised, with absolutely nothing in common, reached the extreme of stealing 
her own research ideas to then slave her body, brains, life, after forcing her 
to visit a Country in which she never wanted to be not even for a second, so 
that they could all, for worst of all, execute HER research projects at the 
expense of HER PRIVATE PROPERTY, never offered to anyone else, and with 
everything being fully illegal, with all those crimes punished by worst 
punishment possible in every possible Country.
  This, my fellows, is Brazil, a Country absolutely no rational human being 
should ever dream (nightmare) of visiting, especially if they are women (may 
lose your priceless body/brains/face/life for the uga-ugas, and justice will 
never happen, no matter how cruel or forbidden their crimes are).
  We now seek sponsorship to at least report in full the absolutely 
mediocre/ordinary/repulsive cowards from Brazil to the general public (spoken 
pictures of 20, those she identifies; book with every detail of her imposed 
Calvary; book about her in general, once her life was interrupted, regressed, 
fully stolen and wasted criminally by all repulsive prostitutes from the 
absolutely repulsive Rio de Janeiro, without her ever having a chance).
  She is still alive, despite being struggling (to make it all worse, the same 
carioca pigs who victimize her since 2002 are also responsible for the death of 
her grandmother, full unhappiness and life theft of her mother's life, death of 
her cousin, amongst others), and wishes to have informal justice, once she has 
never believed Brazil, in any possible sense, esp. justice (lost an aunt 
because the aunt was trying to get justice for the murdered son, murdered also 
by a carioca prostitute, and all women in Rio are prostitutes, vagabonds, free 
loaders of the life and assets - now even bodies and brains - of others).
  This may be achieved via a book.
  You may help providing names and contact details, or the professionals, or 
sponsorship to hire them:
  1) writer (extraordinary writer, book type Hannibal or A Beautiful Mind)
  2) investigative reporter(even student)
  3) spoken pictures drafter (the 20)
  You may also wish to pay for the whole project of the book (I am able to pay 
for the publication, but will struggle a bit. May also cover up for costs which 
are trivial).
  You may also know people to charge the so HORRENDOUS Brazil in terms of 
justice, onc ethey could have put the worst World criminals in jail since 2004, 
time of the first official complaint of hers, by simple procedures. Basically, 
the Country of all sluts (males and females), where people are more on sale 
than cattle, has got clear legal instruments to put criminals of this sort in 
jail immediately with use of liar detectors (SEnate, Common House). This 
procedure implies no losses at all, indep. of the result (neg. or pos.), and 
may be applied immediately.
  however, on the top of everything f. repulsive Brazil is, they also only have 
rushed for males or people they knew, rather than commoners (20 ys was the time 
people who were slaved in agriculture took to get justice).
  She is in NYC, struggling quite a lot with lots of pain and suffering, coming 
all from inside of her own body.
  2 months and sth is how long we have to write and finish up the book.
  Any help is appreciated, even actually shooting the criminals (allowed by 
law, self-defense case, actually the only possible justice, once the monsters 
involved destroyed her work of many years, her possible work for many years, 
and any possible progress in her life. Besides, they stole all she had 
achieved, or simply destroyed, full criminal nullification of her every effort 
since birth).
  Nobody is showing signs of interest, but our only possibility of contact is 
the INternet, so far.
  Try, please.

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