I've submitted a bug/RFE with Synopsis "Tehuti 10GbE support in


We have a year old ALPHA quality GLDv3 based driver, which was tested on
SunOS 5.10 Generic_Patch_118844-30 powered by amd64. We produced the driver
based on Nevada b40 GLDv3 header file using Sun C 5.7 Patch 117837-04
compiler. The driver provides fully functional full duplex TCP/IP network
interface. The release is stable enough to support iperf stress tool.


Solaris Driver Known Issues List:

None what so ever? :)

.     VLAN hardware offload interface not implemented

.     Big Endian CPU architecture is not supported

.     Multicast filtering hardware offload interface not implemented

.     Only one port is supported

.     NDD Solaris management interface not implemented

.     RX performance is far from optimal


Our main development platform is Linux and its driver provides all the
mentioned missing features and good performance. The Linux driver is open
source and could be used as reference implementation:



We ready to release driver sources under CDDL license and it could be cool
if Tehuti driver could be a part of OpenSolaris base distribution. 


Thank you,

Alexander Indenbaum

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