I would like to request a sponsor to help me integrate my fix for these bugs:

4754400, exrecover SEGV's when faced with more than 50 preserved files
XXXXXX, cstyle erroneously reports whitespace before right paren for
some "for loops"

A webrev with the proposed fix has been posted here:

These changes were performed using the b73 code drop.

The cstyle fix is included as it is needed to make the changes for the
other bug "hg nits" clean.

I have just filed a bug for the cstyle issue, so it is in the triage
queue at the moment.

I'm aware that the proposed cstyle fix only deals with a for loop that
has a line-after continuation. However, I don't see any other way to
fix this case without major reworkings of cstyle.

Contributor Agreement # OS0004

Shawn Walker, Software and Systems Analyst
binarycrusader at -

"Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not
tried it. " --Donald Knuth

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