"Mark Martin" writes:
> I'm going to go ahead and work on this defect.
> I'm listed as being assigned to it although I don't yet have a sponsor.
> I'll follow up with a webrev (following the de-facto but seemingly
> undocumented procedure) and re-ask for sponsorship at that point.

Mark, I'll sponsor this fix for you.  My sincere apologies that we
didn't respond earlier.

(We'll do the review on smf-discuss, once you're ready, so you can
bypass request-sponsor if you'd like and send your webrev directly
there.  Feel free to mail me directly with any questions as well.)

> Is it expected that there should be such a large back-log of sponsorship
> requests?
> http://opensolaris.org/os/bug_reports/request_sponsor/
> Please don't mistake this inquiry for implied criticism, I'm just trying to
> orient toward the correct expectation on how to actually and effectively
> contribute code.

I'm confident the state isn't desired.  I can't speak to whether it's

It seems many of the outstanding requests are from folks who have
direct contribution experience.  Thus, I'll personally be thrilled
when external contributors can do direct check-ins to the appropriate
gate, though expect some sort of mentor/sponsor program will still be
useful for those who want a little help with process bits.


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