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I'm glad to see this: it's long overdue.  The major issue I have though is
one of implementation: namely, it's way way too heavyweight to use the
global /proc hammer for this.  This really needs to be implemented as
a kernel service that queries sockfs data structures or whatever
such that it is just a system call and a hash lookup, and not
globally stopping and starting every process.  The problem with the /proc
approach is that it means that if you were to have a bunch of junior
admins run this in production a few times while learning the arguments
and trying to poke around at some problem, they could literally kill
performance of the box.  Pgrab is *very* heavyweight: you're stopping
*every* thread of *every process*, kicking it off CPU, making it run
system calls, etc.  This is fine for debugging one bad thing, but
it's like dropping an atomic bomb on a fully utilized busy machine.


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