On 10/30/07, Chris Quenelle <Chris.Quenelle at sun.com> wrote:
> The glitch is that the person who did the fix isn't in one of
> the Solaris groups.  They were in the compiler group.  Nobody
> in the compiler group (that I know of) has used cr.opensolaris.org
> before.  From the web site it doesn't look hard to use, but
> nobody has done it yet.  I've updated the description of the
> bug with a pointer to cr.opensolaris.org and a recommendation
> that someone needs to post the webrev.  At least so interested parties
> can apply the diffs in their own source trees if they want to.

I'd be happy to help or post a tar myself if that helps.


> Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> > Hi Mark,
> >
> > Related to the OpenSolaris Sponsor program, there is no special
> > procedure for bugs in a particular state.  Contributors are encouraged
> > to ask about specific bugs on the request-sponsor alias.  Someone (me if
> > no one else volunteers) can check whether there is really anyone working
> > the bug ("Fix Understood" doesn't necessarily mean someone is actively
> > working on a fix.).
> >
> > With regard to the note in the email thread below about someone in the
> > "osol group inside Sun" posting webrevs of suggested fixes: I assume
> > this is a reference to the team that owns the bug as that is the only
> > team that can make information about the bug available to the community.
> >
> > Bonnie
> >
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