Dale Sears writes:
> I would like to be able to fix this bug and correct other bugs like  
> it when I find
> them in the man pages.
> What format should patches for man pages be in?  That is, what command
> should I use to generate a diff or patch from original to the  
> corrected file?

I've had good luck doing something like this:

        % man wificonfig | col -bx > wificonfig.1m.orig
        % cp wificonfig.1m.orig wificonfig.1m.new
        % emacs wificonfig.1m.new
        % diff -u wificonfig.1m.orig wificonfig.1m.new > wificonfig.1m.diffs

And then providing orig, new, and diffs as attachments in the CR.

In the case of this bug, though, I don't see why we'd fix it.
Wificonfig should be replaced by dladm, and polishing the obsolete
tool doesn't seem like an improvement to me.  Perhaps that's just me,

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... ?)

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