On 10/31/07, James Carlson <james.d.carlson at sun.com> wrote:
> Alan Coopersmith writes:
> > Mark Martin wrote:
> > > Presumably this requires some sort of ARC or fast-track or similar
> > > approval, can anyone confirm this?
> >
> > I didn't check all the files, but the ones I saw were all of the form
> > of fixing function prototypes or adding type casts - nothing that
> requires
> > review beyond basic code-review.   ARC would only get involved if you're
> > changing function definitions or other interfaces, and then only if
> they're
> > functions exposed to other applications/modules/etc.
> ... or otherwise changing the architecture of the system or some
> significant component.
> I don't see any architecture here to be reviewed, so the only approval
> I'd think would be necessary would be the RTI (requiring design and
> code review, as needed).

Ok.  Thanks everyone for the insights and clarity.  I will set the issue
down for a little bit until I've cleared out my current task load.  Once I'm
able to pick it up and run it the full way through, I'll:
 re-apply the diffs to current code,
 apply some of the review comments that were made initially,
 re-submit for a code review,
 request a sponsor to commit for me,
 and wrap up.

Thanks again,

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