Hi all.... 

I just realized that this is no longer a bug. 

The code which this bug refers is no longer present in gprof.c 

In exotic(), the result of strstr() is saved but not used. 
1083    if ((p = strstr(s, "_c_")) == NULL) { 

Pointer returned from "strstr" is never used 

1084            if ((p = strstr(s, "_C_")) == NULL) { 
1085                    if ((p = strstr(s, "_cc_")) == NULL) { 
1086                            if ((p = strstr(s, "_cxx_")) == NULL) { 
1087                                    if ((p = 
1088                                        strstr(s, "_h_")) == NULL) 
1089                                            return (NULL); 

xxxxx at xxxxx  2005-06-24 18:39:57 GMT 

The code in bold doesn't exists 

It is been removed as part of the fix for bug 6273860. 

So, I request you to close this bug. 

Thanks and regards, 
Avinash Joshi 
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