Frank.Hofmann at Sun.COM wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Nov 2007, ashish kataria wrote:
>> Want to work on bug (number 10),*CrNumber
>> =*6291460<>
>> **
>> *Synopsis=too much pseudo-spelling in solaris (oss-bite-size) for 1 month
>> (approx.)*
> Hmm, James McPherson fixed this one:
> 6291454       speeling of pseudo is rong inside ON
> a few years back - could be that it's an oversight 6291460 is still open.
> cc:'ing James, he should be able to help you there.

Hi Frank and Ashish,
I did intend to fix that one myself, but got swamped
with working the bugs that my day job needed fixing.

Ashish - if you're interested, please go ahead and
work on the changes required.

James C. McPherson
Senior Kernel Software Engineer, Solaris
Sun Microsystems

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