Hi all 

I would like to work on the bug : 6573754 
My SCA Number is OS0145 
Requesting a sponsor for the same...Description follows below: 

Bug ID 6573754 
Synopsis timex error message when you forget a command is cryptic 
State 1-Dispatched (Default State) 
Category:Subcategory utility:accounting 


When you run timex but fail to specify a program to run, the 
message is a bit cryptic: 

$ timex 
Missing command 

Whereas if you specify a bad option: 

$ timex -Q 
timex: illegal option -- Q 
Usage: timex [-s][-o][-p[-fhkmrt]] cmd 

So perhaps this should be altered to: 

$ timex 
timex: Missing command 
Usage: timex [-s][-o][-p][-fhkmrt]] cmd 

Thanks & Regards, 

Avinash Joshi, S3 IT 
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham 
Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus 
Kerala - 690525 
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