I'd like to fix

6540472 : Selecting 'Redmond' Theme crashes gnome

..but am new to the process (apologies for redundant TO:'s).

It would involve modifying a simple text file.

What would be a good next step?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi Isaac,

I got your voice mail yesterday.  I assume it's about the email below, 

I have nothing to do with this bug.  Since http://bugs.opensolaris.org 
is a bugs-by-mail mechanism, it puts my ID on these bugs because bugster 
will only take submissions from a Sun employee.

It's great that you want to work on the bug.  But you need to contact 
Dermot (an engineer on the JDS team) or Robert O'Dea (the RM listed on 
the bug) about that.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Isaac,

Since this is the JDS consolidation, I suggest you contact Dermot
McCluskey.  The JDS source repository is on opensolaris.org, and Dermot
can tell you how they are managing contributions.

I've included Dermot on this email.

Hope that helps.


isaac wrote:
> Hello Bonnie,
> Believe I've found a fix for this. How can I actually affect the 
> Opensolaris source base with the fix?
> Thanks,
> Isaac


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