Hi, I'm working with Sun Microsystems in Mexico City to create the OpenSolaris 
local community. And we are interested on having our community on this website.

Our objectives:
Promote OpenSolaris Adoption
Generate Business Opportunities for technology developers who adopt OpenSolaris 
as it's platform
Help organizations that use Solaris or OpenSolaris on technical aspects
Help technology developers on business issues related with software industry 
(marketing, business models, funding, etc)

Generate new users for opensolaris.org
Installation of opensolaris on production and testing servers

Who is behind the community
Ivan Zavala - Karoshi (Communities Generator/manager)
Gerardo Horvilleur - Java Guru and Solaris enthusiast
Claudio Horvilleur - Java Guru and Solaris enthusiast
Paulo Kalapis - Sun Microsystems
Jorge Angel - Sun Microsystems
Angel Camacho - Sun Microsystems
Santiago Zavala - Java and Solaris enthusiast
Elmer Gardu?o - Java and Solaris enthusiast
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