I'd like to request a sponsor for this enhancement:

*Synopsis*: zlogin: Add a "-z zonename" option

*Change Request ID*: 6536837

*Synopsis*: zlogin: Add a "-z zonename" option

  Product: solaris
  Category: opensolaris
  Subcategory: triage-queue
  Type: RFE
  Subtype:  Status: 1-Dispatched
  Substatus:  Priority: 4-Low
  Introduced In Release:  Introduced In Build:  Responsible Manager:
bonnie.corwin at sun.com
  Responsible Engineer:  Initial Evaluator: opensolaris-bugs-triage at sun.com


I am not able to find that bug in "bugs.opensolaris.org" however I have
received a forwarded e-mail that gave me the above information.

More notes can be seen in the bug report (if and when you have access to


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