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Call for Presenters

The organizing committee for One Course Source ? Open Source Conference is 
pleased announce this open invitation to participate in this year's conference.

This conference addresses the growing demand for alternative technology 
solutions that can support and sustain the corporate IT environment in a 
cost-effective manner. This will be the inaugural commencement of the 
conference located in San Diego on October 3-4, 2007.

The conference will provide an atmosphere that encourages the sharing of 
knowledge and experience of Open Source solutions for the corporate IT 

We are currently seeking Open Source professionals in the San Diego area to 
present topics on their area of expertise as it relates to Open Source 
technologies in the corporate IT environment. When determining your topic for 
submittal, please ensure it will align with one of the following subject areas:

      Open Source Applications
      Open Source Development
      Open Source Operating Systems & Security

In recognition of the presenter?s valuable time, each will receive the 
following benefits:

      High level of exposure to San Diego's IT industry
      Free attendance to the conference
      Discounts for additional conference attendees
      Discount for vendor booth

If you or another technology leader in your organization is interested, please 
email your proposal to ocs-osc at onecoursesource.com by the deadline of July 
25, 2007. Your proposal should include the following:

      The title for your talk
      The length of your talk (45 minutes or 1.5 hours)
      A brief (two pages or less) description on your talk.
      Your contact information (email & phone number)

The organizing committee will review all proposals and notify those that are 
accepted by July 30, 2007. If you have any questions regarding OCS-OSC, please 
feel free to contact us via email at the following address: ocs-osc at 

OCS-OSC Organizing Committee
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