Hi Garrett,

I've updated the table.  Thanks for the information.

For Sponsors: It's ok for someone to have two SCAs like this.  A company 
can submit an SCA listing employees who can make contributions.  And an 
individual can submit an SCA.  See the SCA FAQ for more information: 



Garrett D'Amore wrote:
> I have two contributor ids now (one for work I submit personally, and
> one for work submitted as an employee of Tadpole/General Dynamics).
> I would like to update some cases so that instead of OS0034, my
> alternate work SCA of OS0057 is used.
> Specifically these two cases should be changed to using OS0057:
> 6487387 pcic driver contains obsolete & private Tadpole code that should
> be removed
> 6484159 kb8042 should provide mappings for common keys on Tadpole hardware
> Thanks.

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