On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 04:02:50PM -0500, Matty wrote:
> One feature that smartmontools provides that isn't available with FMA
> is ability to query SMART attributes on a disk. Smartmontools provides
> the smartctl utility to perform this operation, and I think that alone
> warrants it's inclusion in opensolaris.

I agree that having a tool to display SMART data for a disk drive would
be useful.  Much of this is already available in the libdiskstatus
library, and a simple tool could be written to display the information.
But as Cindi mentioned, there is a larger strategy to incorporate sensor
data into the FMA framework in a more coordinated fashion beyond a
collection of ad hoc tools (ipmitool, smartctl, etc).

As a general package, though, smartmontools does much more than that.
It allows SMART settings to be changed such that may be in direct
conflict with the settings used by FMA, and it also includes the
'smartd' daemon, which duplicates much of the work being done by the
disk-transport module and exists outside the FMA framework.

As others have pointed out, this sounds more like a request for project
sponsorship than a request to integrate code.  I believe Mike's point
was that any such project discussion should include folks on fm-discuss
because there is obvious overlap between aspects of the project and the
established Solaris FMA framework.

- Eric

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