>I threw pfzsh together yesterday afternoon using the SFW framework, and
>would like to request a sponsor to evaluate my work and help me get it
>I note that the CR is currently assigned to Casper Dik and so he is
>CC'd, but I don't expect that he will necessarily volunteer for the job.
>A patch against a sfw-src-b79-20071129.tar.bz2 tree and an x86 package
>are available at http://cr.opensolaris.org/~ceri/cr/4912090/.

While you could go ahead and implement this, I am actually working on a 
different way of implementing this as part of the FGAP project.

The new implementation does away with all the special code in the shells
needed for pfexec and changes this to essentially become a property of a
process and the kernel will perform the things needed for pfexec.

This approach fixes many shortcomings of the current implementations:

        - no need to modify all the shells for what is essentially a
          Solaris specific function (free support for pftcsh, pfbash,
          pfksh93, pfzsh)

        - the ability to intercept exec's which are executed in the guts
          of another program (say /usr/lib/fs/ufs/mount rather than
          /usr/s/bin/mount) to further reduce risk

        - automatically inherit the property for subshells spawned from
          an editor, regardless of $SHELL settings

In general, if a bug as a responsible engineer listed, that person is
supposed to be working on the bug and working on it without contacting the
RE first may very well lead to a duplication of effort.



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