Hello all

Here is the patch for the bug 6442434

Bug Description:

Solaris should have AF_LOCAL/PF_LOCAL/AF_FILE/PF_FILE as synonyms for
Applications from other operating systems may be coded to use AF_LOCAL instead
of AF_UNIX.  These represent the same thing.  We should have a synonym so that
such applications are readily portable.

I would like to request a sponsor to evaluate my work and help me get it
integrated into the next build.

My contributor agreement # is OS0144

Thank You in advance.

Changes to be made in the file /usr/src/uts/common/sys/socket.h
Here is the unified diff for the patch -

--- socket.h.orig       Thu Dec 13 02:10:45 2007
+++ socket.h    Thu Dec 13 02:16:15 2007
@@ -218,6 +218,8 @@
 #define        AF_NCA          28              /* NCA socket */
 #define        AF_POLICY       29              /* Security Policy DB socket */
 #define        AF_INET_OFFLOAD 30              /* Sun private; do not use */
+#define        AF_LOCAL        AF_UNIX
+#define        AF_FILE         AF_UNIX

 #define        AF_MAX          30

@@ -255,6 +257,8 @@
 #define        PF_NCA          AF_NCA
 #define        PF_POLICY       AF_POLICY
 #define        PF_INET_OFFLOAD AF_INET_OFFLOAD /* Sun private; do not use */
+#define        PF_LOCAL        PF_UNIX
+#define        PF_FILE         PF_UNIX

 #define        PF_MAX          AF_MAX


Ashwin Bhat K S
3 year information technology
Sun campus ambassador
99644 98351
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