Hi all

I would like to request a sponsor for the bug 6395260
My SCA number is OS0177

svc:/application/print/server:default/:properties/lpsched has wrong type

The lpsched property group, defined in
  /var/svc/manifest/application/print/server.xml, has type
  "framework".  It should be of type "application".

The change has to be done in the file usr/src/cmd/lp/cmd/lpsched/server.xml

The patch is as follows
--- server.xml.orig    Wed Dec 12 20:54:29 2007
+++ server.xml    Wed Dec 12 20:54:54 2007
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
         exec='/lib/svc/method/print-svc stop'
         timeout_seconds='60' />

-    <property_group name='lpsched' type='framework'>
+    <property_group name='lpsched' type='application'>
         <propval name='num_notifiers' type='count' value='0' />
         <propval name='num_filters' type='count' value='0' />
         <propval name='fd_limit' type='count' value='0' />

Rajath Shanbag
National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal
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