Ceri Davies wrote:
> Finally, is it expected that someone requesting a sponsor have a patch
> that they consider final to be done, or is a WIP allowed?
> Ceri

It can be either. And it can also be the case that they haven't started 
at all.

When you make a request for sponsor, it is effectively reserving that 
bug for you to work on.
You may need the help of the sponsor to understand what is going on, you 
may end up
teaching the sponsor something, etc. Your fix might undergo several 
revisions - there
are harder bugs out there than the simple typos.

But it is very much like what happens when I take a bug internally. I 
may not have a clue
about what is going on, but by putting my name on it, I am telling other 
people that they
should not duplicate my efforts.

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