Mark Martin writes:
> 4432948  , 4829659  , 5075505 are all hidden
> Could someone please peek behind the firewall and provide either the
> synopsis or (even better) open the bugs up for public consumption?

I have no idea how to open them up, but these are:

4432948 ufsdump/ufsrestore should support using ssh instead of rsh for
        remote tape acces [sic]
        [Fix-Understood state, priority 4, RFE]

4829659 ufsdump fails with 'star' rmt code
        [Accepted state, priority 4, Defect]

5075505 flarcreate to remote tape/boot system and install flash
        archive from remote tape
        [Accepted state, priority 3, RFE]

Of those, I'd imagine that the first two would be of importance to
someone looking at CR 4496994, and probably pretty easy to reproduce.

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