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 I would like to request a sponsor for *bug 6466474*
* Bug ID : 6466474*
 *Synopsis* : SAP enq server resource creation throws a warning message in
syslog for Retry_Interval=0
 Full name : Rejeesh Nath
 Number assigned to my Sun Contributor Agreement :*OS0186*

 *BUG Description:*
 With the change in Retry_Interval computation, there would be a warning
message logged in syslog if the default Retry_Interval is less than the
computed value of    (Thorough_Probe_Interval+Probe_timeout) * Retry_Count.
This happens while creating the any data service resource. In case of
ha-sapenq, currently, the value of Retry_Count=0    and it is mentioned that
it can only be changed if the Replica server is not running.
 snip from RTR file:
 # Retry_Count must be 0 if SAP replica Server is also running. If SAP
 # enqueue server is running without Replica Server, Retry_Count can be
 # set to non-zero.
        PROPERTY = Retry_Count;
        MAX = 2;
        DEFAULT = 0;
        PROPERTY = Retry_Interval;
        MAX = 3600;
        DEFAULT = 960;
 Based on the warning message, that is proposed to be the solution for
6463264, user might change the value of Retry_Count when replica server is
running. In order to avoid this,  validate method should handle this by not
letting the user change this parameter when replica server is running.

 here is the note from the Admin guide:

"The default value of the Retry_count system property for the SAP
enqueue server is 0. This value ensures that the SAP enqueue server
fails over after the first failure. If replication is running, do not
modify this default value because enqueue locks would be lost. When
replication is in operation and the Enqueue server is restarted, even on
the same node, the locks are no longer valid. "

In the validate method if the retry_count is not '0' then we
should throw a warning message which will be the text described above.
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