Hi Rishi,

  Another OpenSolaris contributor, Avinash Joshi, has already expressed 
interest to work on this bug.

  Kindly select a different bug to work on.


On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 11:49 -0000, Rishi M Nair wrote:

}Hi ,
}I would like to work on the bug : 6280513  and will finish working on it
}within 2 week. (I dont have a fix ready yet)
}Bug ID  6280513
}Synopsis  init needs to handle SCF_ERROR_NO_RESOURCES from
}Category:Subcategory  utility:smf
}My SCA number is  : OS0148
}My opensolaris id :rishios
}Thanks & Regards,
}Rishi M Nair

Sun Microsystems - India Engineering Centre

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