Luke Deller wrote:
> Hi,
> The AHCI driver in nv78 didn't work with the JMicron JMB363 SATA+IDE 
> controller on my Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 motherboard, so I did a bit of 
> debugging to resolve the problem.
> Attached are two patches which work for me to fix this problem (and the 
> ICH9 SATA controller still works too!):
>   ahci-find-registers.patch - fixes a bug in ahci.c (locating registers)
>   ahci-relax-checks.patch - relaxes some checks violated by the JMB363
> I have submitted two corresponding items at
> Any feedback on these patches?  Would somebody like to sponsor me to get 
> fixes incorporated into opensolaris?

Hi Luke,
I've passed your details onto my colleague Ying. She
has done a heap of work on ahci so is probably best
placed to help you with this.

James C. McPherson
Senior Kernel Software Engineer, Solaris
Sun Microsystems

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