Hi Samir,

I guess its ok to team up as long as the other contributor agrees with it.

I would say its not fair for the other contributor as you missed this bug 
in the request_sponsor page.

I see that you have already picked up another bug.

Two of your bugs were already being sponsored.  I can see that your 
enthusiasm has not diminised because of this.

Please be careful in picking up the bugs and continue to contribute.


On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 01:17 -0000, samir kumar mishra wrote:

}Hi all,
}Unfortunately, I have worked on a bug that is already being sponsored
}and i think i have got the fix ready and submitted the same.
}Synopsis:passwd does not handle Control-D input correctly
}Is it possible for me to team up with the Responsible Engineer?
}Samir Kumar Mishra
}request-sponsor mailing list
}request-sponsor at opensolaris.org

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