Hi Narendra,

  Which email id have you used in your Sun Contributor Agreement?  You should
have used the same email id to send requests.

  I believe you are a Campus Ambassador which means you are designated as an
intern at Sun.

  If you want to contribute as an intern, then you can do so without going
through request-sponsor process.  If you want to contribute as an individual,
then please use a non-sun email id.

  If you are participating in the CFF contest, then please note that it is
ending on Feb 14.  Please make your contribution at the earliest.


On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 00:26 -0000, Narendra Pant wrote:

}i would like to work on this bug and want this assigned to me .it will
}take me  about one month to  come back with a contribution.
}Bug ID          6641990
}Synopsis       *svcs* should not show instances which don't have a 'general'
}property group

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