This is about

Which tries to implement PSARC 2004/480 

I understand 2004/480 in a way that it needs to create /usr/lib/*
and /usr/include/schily/* to allow ufsdump/ufsrestore to be converted to
benefit from the enhanced interoperabiltiy of the rmt client code in my 
rmt library.

I understand the ksh93 case in a way that reusable shared libraries 
are a preferred result.

As ksh93 uses a common framework from David Korn and Glenn Fowler, star,
cdrecord and other software I wrote or I maintain ("schily" software) uses
a common portability framework. Single programs only use parts of this framework
and are only shipped with parts of the framework. For this reason, I recently 
created a "schily source consolidation" that can be loaded from 

The latest is:

if you call:

        make INS_BASE=/usr/sfw DESTDIR=/tmp LINKMODE=dynamic install 

you will get a tree /tmp/usr/sfw/* with dynamic libraries and dynamically linked
binaries for all I did yet distribute in source.

If you call:

        make CCOM=cc64 INS_BASE=/usr/sfw DESTDIR=/tmp/64 LINKMODE=dynamic 

you will get a tree with 64 bit binaries in /tmp/64/usr/sfw/* 

There is not yet a way to compile to the resuting 32/64 bit tree on Solaris
from one call only.

The important information here is that the star source distribution contains 
only a subset of the common schily portability framework. The one that is needed
for star. If you start with the schily source consolidation, you get everything.
BTW: This also includes the easy to learn editor "ved" that is listed in the 
UNESCO free software list. Maybe this should also be in OpenSolaris...

If you look at this background, you may understand why I have problems with the
shell makefile from the sfw source tree.

As this source consolidation includes the programs from cdrtools and as Solaris
currenly comes with a very outdated version of cdrtools, I recommend to think 
about using the schily source consolidation as a base in future.

BTW: marry christmas and a happy new year


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