Casper.Dik at Sun.COM wrote:
>> Yeah, you'll notice that if you try to su to root and run installers 
>> that run pkgadd internally.  I use this method, and the StarOffice 8 
>> installer failed quite mysteriously until I realized it was just an 
>> instance of that problem and reset TMPDIR to something else.
> This, unfortunately, kills the whole idea in my mind.
> (I vaguely remembered similar issues from the past)
> And while we all agree that not being able to use $TMPDIR should
> not cause a horrid failure in any application, I'm afraid that
> we'd need to fix those bugs first.
> (Strange, though, since installers usually run as root; so this
> was with an NFS $TMPDIR?)

No, it was just running the installer within a setuid wrapper using a 
local $TMPDIR set to 700.  Not really a recommended practice, so I don't 
know that it's fatal to the idea, just pointing out that it does in fact 
happen for some cases.


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