* Richard Lowe <richlowe at richlowe.net> [2006-10-29 12:29]:
> Mike Gerdts wrote:
> >The real motivation for this and the other fix I just sent to
> >request-sponsor was to figure out how to use mercurial.  As such, if
> >there is any goofiness with the patch or would you prefer "hg bundle"
> >over "hg export", please let me know.  One particular thing that I was
> >looking into was the impact of "zfs clone" instead of "hg clone" (no
> >impact seen so far...).  Any wisdom that can be shared on that front
> >would likewise be appreciated.
> I've sent patches via 'hg export' previously without anyone having 
> complained.  Perhaps that's just them being polite though :)

  I would be interested to hear from sponsors if patches generated from
  "hg export" are proving easy to apply.  Comments?  (I am assuming that
  having the up-to-date ON repository is helping contributors, but
  comments otherwise would be interesting as well...)

  - Stephen

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