Bart Smaalders wrote:
> Darren J Moffat wrote:
> > Roland Mainz wrote:
> >> Requesting sponsor for CR# 6488593 ("/etc/profile should set TMPDIR to
> >> /tmp/$LOGNAME/") - patch is included in the RFE...
> >
> > This will I believe need an ARC case since it is a change in default
> > behaviour.   It also should be done for all shells not just ones
> > that read /etc/profile.
> >
> > Since I do this myself in my own .profile I feel duty bound to stand up
> > to the plate and by your sponsor for this.  So sign me up for putback
> > sponsor and I'll be ARC case submitter too.
> >
> Good idea (I use this myself :-)).  Should the directory be created
> 700 by default?

Definately "no". The idea is to improve "usuabilty" and not "security".
AFAIK the best mode is "rwx" for "ugo" and then +t, e.g. the same mode
used by default for /tmp itself (otherwise "funny" things with
setuid/setgid/role scripts may happen which may not expect this kind of
change). Anyone who wants to "tighten" the mode of the /tmp/${LOGNAME}/
directory should do this in ~/.profile ...



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