Peter Tribble wrote:
> I regard this as unsafe and undesirable *as a default*. It clutters up
> /tmp with unnecessary directories, wastes memory and involves
> extra code at login. I have no problem with administrators or
> users doing it if they want, but I see no advantage to having it as
> the default behaviour.

I disagree. The flat layout in /tmp for all temporary files of all users
is very very annoying for both admins and users. I doubt mode 1777 is
"insecure" (yes, you can always craft a case where it goes wrong...).

Remember this is about "usuability". Currently /tmp on large multiuser
machine looks like a giant trashcan...

> What is the mechanism for the community to comment on
> these sorts of cases? Presumably it has to go for ARC review,
> but how does one find out what cases exist, when they're up for
> review, and how does one particpate in the review process?
> (Particularly as a community member who might only be interested
> in a small number of cases.)

Uhm... there is arc-discuss at for such discussions... and
the related project lists (e.g. shell-discuss at

> On 11/4/06, Roland Mainz <roland.mainz at> wrote:
> > 
> >      Default should be the same mode as /tmp - the idea is that
> >      users do not
> >      have to dig through zillon files to find "their" temp. files
> >      on a large
> >      multiuser machine.

> Why would users be manually groping through /tmp?

To find their files... ?

> >      Quick check on our "grendel" (which wasn't "updated" with
> >      our custom
> >      /etc/profile mods after last months update to Solaris 10):
> >      $ ls -l /tmp | wc -l
> >            6187
> >      Fun... ;-(
> Instead of which we will (presumably) have thousands of empty
> directories
> to sift through, one for each user who ever logged in. And the
> associated
> unnecessary memory use.

What is the difference between tenthousand files created by various
users ? IMO that argument is for /dev/null ...

> (As an aside, how many directories can you create in /tmp?)

The same number of files which can be there - the limit is AFAIK only
the memory/swap, calculated based on some kernel tuneable...



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