Darren J Moffat wrote:
> River Tarnell wrote:
>> 1214359 *passwd*:passwd does not allow -egh arguments for "files" 
>> repository
> So you are proposing to change the man page rather than fix the problem?
> If so then we should use a new separate man page bug for this and leave
> the original 1214359 RFE open.

Never mind me I see now that your 6490935.diff file has the changes for 
1214359 in it as well.

> Or are you interested in addressing the original RFE ?  If so it will
> likely need an ARC case - which I'd be happy to sponsor for you.

This will still need ARC review since it adds a new interface.

I'll sponsor 1214359 and 6490935 for ARC and putback.

River we can take this offline to write up the ARC fast-track case and 
get that submitted first.

Darren J Moffat

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