On 08/25/06 09:40, Gavin Maltby wrote:

>> The corresponding CRs are
> [cut]
>> 6414860 SUNWonmtst.? packages shouldn't refer to Sun-internal mailing 
>> list
> I'll be taking over sponsorhsip duties for this simple CR from Dilpreet.
> I've updated "commit to fix" for snv_48.

Apologies for moving at snail's pace on this.  I have just updated
this CR to close it - the SUNWonmtst packages are all internal-only
and live in usr/closed (besides the packaging bits in usr/src/pkgdefs).
If some day they are opensourced or otherwise delivered then it would
be appropriate to refer people to the opensolaris.org address, but
not while they are for internal use only.  They live in the ON gate
since they share a lot of code with usr/src bits, and we want any changes
made in usr/src not to break these bits.  Of course, once we get to
a full external gate these sorts of arrangements won't work so well any



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