Cyril Plisko wrote On 11/14/06 02:26,:
> On 11/14/06, Bonnie Corwin <Bonnie.Corwin at> wrote:
>>Hi Cyril,
>>When I logged this request last week, I noticed an RE assigned to the
>>bug who had noted a build delivery in the bug report.  It turns out the
>>person picked up the bug when you logged it and has a fix being put back
>>to the current build.
>>Apologies for that.
> Bonnie,
> thanks for update. I guess you may remove my call for sponsor then.
I moved it.

I'm also trying to figure out some detail about the b.o.o. work to find
out when people will be able to see if an RE is assigned - or when
people might be able to make themselves the RE on a bug.

I'll send out some information when I have it.

Thanks for your continuing patience.


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