Thanks to Rob Benson, Yann Poupet, and Juergen Keil for these three 
fixes below and to Shudong Zhou, Eric Lowe, Alan Perry for sponsoring 
the work through to putback:

Putback 49
ID: 6375097
Desc: x86 ramdisk should always contain xmd64 kernel and binaries
Submitted by Rob Benson on 1/21/06
Sun Sponsor: Shudong Zhou
Putback to Nevada 38 on 4/5/06
/note: this is a new #49/

Putback 53
ID: 6249695     
Desc: setuname cmd calls kvm_nlist even if kvm_open fails       
Submitted by Yann Poupet on 3/27/06     
Sun Sponsor: Eric Lowe  
Putback to Nevada 41 5/9/06

Putback 54
ID: 6339695     
Desc: scsa1394_cmd_fill_cdb_rbc() builds scsi cdbs containing
unitialized data
Submitted by Juergen Keil on 10/21/05   
Sun Sponsor: Alan Perry
Putback to Nevada 41 on 5/10/06


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Has a Sponsor: 48
Integrated: 54
Closed: 29
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